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The Moment Of: Overalls

New York Fashionweek 2013, day 4, Alex Spencer New York Fashionweek 2013, Lincoln Centre Wendy Gilmour

Or dungarees. Or jumpsuits. Whatever you call them, its obvious that they are BIG right now. Besides being incredibly comfy; they annihilate the problem of staring infront of your closet for endless hours trying to come up with a nice enough outfit. There is just one problem; as Leandra Medine pointed out during her “overall day” at NYFW, they may give you a huge camel toe and I’m not sure that everybody else is as self-confident as The Man Repeller. So make sure it fits you right; and lets say if you have a thin waistline and wide hips like me – you may want to put the emphasis on the waistline so keep that in mind when you are buying one. After you get the right overall; all the creativity you have is going into focusing on the shirt/sweater/coat/jewelry/shoes combination. Ok it’s not that easy at all… (To shop for overalls and check out what’s out there, click to read more!)

fass-lfw-fall-2013-street-style-day01-14-h Urban-Tomboy-looks-New-York-Fashion-Week-FW-13-20130221_0328-641x1024

street style image sources: the cut, w magazine, a blog by sandra semburg, we the people style, stylesightings

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  1. Thanks for sharing! What I really want is a pair of those skirt overalls… I think they’re so cute. I almost bought some, but I talked myself out of it, like “really, overalls?” I should have got them though! I will buy next time I encounter them for sure.

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