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This Is Your Life

It’s no good admitting that most of the looks I post in winter isn’t what I actually wear outside, anyone who have been to Montreal or checked the weather stats to feel better about their lives should know that it’s impossible to walk around looking fancy. If I’m wearing heels in a post, change that with flat boots and it’s the truth. If I only have one layer of sweaters, triple it and that’s a fact. However, it’s become so cold lately (coldest February in years) that I can’t even fake an outfit post anymore. This above is what I actually look like in real life (maybe add gloves, a scarf and a beanie), oh and I’m wearing a thermal under-sweater. Sexy, right? . Black suede biker jacket with faux shearling Stylenanda (similar here & here) . White oversized sweater Zara (similar here & here) . Black leather crossbody bag Proenza Schouler PS11 classic mini (or get it here & here) . Black leather combat boots Dolce Vita (or get here & here) [metaslider id=34307] …

Peace Out, Ombre

Lately I’ve been busting my ass off to figure out a way to close the door and go out of the house in something other than my down coat and not freeze to the marrow. Layering is the only way, yes, but wrong layers wouldn’t protect you from shit let alone brass monkey weather. Inner layers have to be cotton, wool or cashmere respectively and the outer layer has to be suede, fur or thick thick wool. Which is why I thank God everyday I found this boiled wool coat from Asos; it’s one of the few items in my wardrobe that doesn’t make me feel like a member of the Canadian polyester army. . Grey ombre boiled wool coat Asos (or similar here & here) . Bootcut jeans Asos (similar here & here) . Camel suede booties Topshop (similar here, here & here) . Ivory wool and cashmere scarf Kiskissay (similar here & here) . Black leather bag Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic Mini (or get it here & here) [metaslider id=34077] .

The Dead of Winter

Some people win the Nobel prize, some save human lives everyday and my biggest achievement these days is still shooting outfit photos outside instead of just giving up altogether or trying to find a decent place to shoot indoors, which I don’t like a lot. After pulling through the horrible flu last week’s outfit post gave me, my persistance is kind of praiseworthy. Though the applause should go to my vintage furs, I couldn’t have done it without them. . Grey fur coat Vintage (similar here & here) . Mom jeans Zara (similar here & here) . Black suede Jensen boots ACNE Studios (or get here, here & here) . Black leather quilted crossbody Love bag Rebecca Minkoff (or get it here, here & here) [metaslider id=33851] .