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Mango Premium Spring 2015

Mango Premium Spring 2015 2

Taking a break from all the wintery stuff; streetstyle in freezing New York, my personal style in even more freezing Montreal or fall 2015 collections that hint what we’ll be wearing next time it’s freezing, Mango just launched their Premium spring 2015 collection and it’s a minimalist dream. Oversized flowy cuts, fine fabrics such as linen, %100 cotton or light knit and clean styles with  natural tones are a precursor of the easygoing spring we’ve been dreaming about. Better news? They are on sale right now and freakishly affordable considering the quality and substantiality.

Mango Premium Spring 2015 18Mango Premium Spring 2015 20

Mango Premium Spring 2015 6 Mango Premium Spring 2015 8

Mango Premium Spring 2015 11 Mango Premium Spring 2015 12

Mango Premium Spring 2015 21

source: mango

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