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Trademark F/W 2015

Trademark FW2015 RTW

’tis the time to admit some people have ridiculously stylish moms and designers Pookie and Louisa Burch, who found their inspiration for the fall / winter 2015 collection in their mother, are the ones to begin with.  This collection, with references to Garry Winogrand’s mid-century New York photos, celebrates the offhand formality of 70’s with frayed cuffs on wide hems, scallop details on bell shapes and a glorious faux fur coat. No wonder 1 year old brand’s Soho store is a popular spot lately.

Trademark FW2015 RTW 3

Trademark FW2015 RTW 10

Trademark FW2015 RTW 15



    • eliffilyos says

      Yeah that’s why I loved it so much, I appreciate subtle 70’s references without going overboard

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