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The Art of Coffeeing

art of coffee

For a long time I didn’t think drinking coffee required any visual aid, coffee is by all means heavenly just as it is. You just prepare it (or order it) smell it and enjoy it. Actually it was the smell I liked the most before I could stand the strong taste and still, even today, I prefer tea over coffee (don’t gasp, I’m Turkish) but day after day I’m getting more and more drawn to caffeine addiction and Instagram has a huge part in it. All the #cotd posts that show up any given time on my feed not only made me want to drink more coffee but also forced me to learn what all those gadgets are and hunt them down, one by one. As some people asked me the coffee maker in my Instagram photos I figured I should make a post about the brands and products to get the perfect coffee shot.

Want a shortcut? %90 of what you see in photos are either Chemex or Hario, everything else is hipster overload.

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local milk chemex and hario kettlefino kettle

Chemex morning coffee Classic Chemex

image sources: my caffeine obsession, design by kadie, a voyage forever, folk lifestyle, a daily something, hey there by sandra, good morning journal, the merry thought, darling be daring, pinterest

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