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Long Live The Brush

felicity jones bob

Here comes something only people with frizzy hair would understand: there’s a moment after you brush-dry your hair and look at the crazy ass reflection of yourself in the mirror and think “is it just me or do I look so ridiculous that it is actually pretty cool?”. However for most people that moment of bravery ends by the time they leave the bathroom and never see sunlight, like yours truly. Sometimes my hair gets so weird I have to show my husband or whoever is around at the time, usually for fun but maybe deep down to get a validation to embrace my frizzy curls and get an applause for having such enviable, original looking hair – which almost never happens, unfortunately. But I think I found the thumbs up I was looking for thanks to beautiful Felicity Jones in February issue of Vogue UK.

Long live the comb, long live the brushed out curls! (Or else I won’t be able to live long straightening my hair every single day).

brushed frizzy curls

brushed runway hair brushed straight ombre

image sources: vogue uk, i thought you’d never ask, teenvogue, harper’s bazaar, refinery29, drop dead gorgeous daily, pinterest

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