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Curious Case of Metal Grid

metal grid moodboard4

What was the most creative thing you ever did with a piece of grid metal? Mine was using a refrigerator shelf as a drying rack by placing it over a radiator and securing it with big ass books (just moved to Italy, didn’t know any stores nearby and was a student) and I must add that I was pretty proud of my invention. Granted it wasn’t grid but it still counts. Now I realise that I could have used it as a moodboard or a kitchen rack for spoons and ladles and stuff, would have been much cooler. Never too late for anything but I just don’t know where to get these kind of metal grids (I don’t want to deal with a hard DIY). Any ideas?

metal grid moodboard metal grid moodboard3

metal grid moodboard6metal grid moodboard8

metal grid moodboard5 metal grid moodboard9

metal grid shoerack

image sources: coco lapine design, haga 26, deco crush, stil inspiration, 79 ideas, my paradissi, homesick, taoofsophia, chapterfriday, house of  c, pinterest


  1. At first when I saw the metal grid at the Container Store, I wasn’t impressed by it. Those pictures are quite convincing though, especially the one with the shoes. That is creative!

    • eliffilyos says

      Why don’t I ever see metal grids at container stores?! i’ve been looking for one for so long

      • Melissa Ünal says

        I just love those grids, I saw them months ago & I also coundn’t found them so I dropped this idea.. Too bad.. 😀

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