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Girl Crush: Kamilya Kuspan

Kamilya Kuspan 15

With her trademark dreamy hair, always make up free exotic face and effortless style that boosts elegance and still manages to surprise every time with little remarkable details; this modern day Yoko Ono has been my muse for a very long time. Kamilya Kuspan was born in Kazakhstan but she’s now living in Paris working as a stylist, which makes me so happy because I get to see her street style shots every now and then. Besides her natural beauty, another thing you realize in her looks is how she repeats the same accessories (like the brown croco bag and the grey suede pumps) and tells a different style story each time. She makes you reconsider all your shopping habits and trend chasing tendencies. She’s perfection.

Kamilya Kuspan 5

Kamilya Kuspan 12

Kamilya Kuspan

Kamilya Kuspan 9

Kamilya Kuspan 14Kamilya Kuspan 3

image sources: t magazine, style du monde, vanessa jackman, stockholm street style, street peeper, bysquid, pinterest


  1. I think that’s the way to go, own less items in your possession and think more of quality and how to mix and match (an art that we are still learning very hard to master *_^) to make fashion work for ourselves. Nice recommendation, have not heard about her till now, thanks for sharing.

    Will check her out.

    Hope you are keeping warm there!

    KL Malaysia

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