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Best of LDN Menswear

MAN Fall 2015 10

MAN Fall 2015

If you still don’t follow menswear simply because you’re a woman and think it wouldn’t concern or inspire you, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Everyone knows my affiliation and affection with menswear, I honestly think it’s much more aspiring, inspiring, original and of quality than womanswear most of the time, but I think everyone, even the most posh and girly girls out there can find something to look up to in menswear and not just regarding the clothes but mainly the stylings. I’m not saying that we should go and start buying men’s clothes (which I admit doing from time to time) but look at these photos, my round up of London Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2015, and tell me you are not one step closer to layering like a pro.

Trend tips: patchwork patchwork patchwork, 70’s fever and ankle length wide cuffs, shearling on full force (like seriously), slits everywhere, fringe scarves and blanket coats (I especially love that behind the ass thing), skirts over pants (see, it turns out we don’t belong to different planets afterall).

Agi & Sam

Agi & Sam3

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen


Burberry Fall 2015 1

Christopher Shannon

Christopher Shannon2

Craig Green

Craig Green 6


Dunhill 2

E Tautz

E Tautz10

Fashion East

Fashion East 2

J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson3

James Long

James Long5



Lee Roach

Lee Roach 2


MAN Fall 2015 9

Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland4


Topman Fall2015 12

Xander Zhou

Xander Zhou11



source: the cut

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