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The Row Pre-Fall 2015

The Row Pre-Fall 2015 11

It’s one of those things you just know you’d seize upon without even seing, that’s how the relationship between me and The Row is like. Even though the closest we ever got was me touching a coat in a department store, the connection is there. In the hands of Olsen sisters, the ever comfortable surf reference turned austere and luxurious; creating a collection many will surely covet. However don’t get too excited over those sequin strapped sandals; according to they are handmade by a nonagenarian granny, which means mass production isn’t possible. Or is it?

The Row Pre-Fall 2015 The Row Pre-Fall 2015 5

The Row Pre-Fall 2015 8 The Row Pre-Fall 2015 13

The Row Pre-Fall 2015 20 The Row Pre-Fall 2015 21

The Row Pre-Fall 2015 23 The Row Pre-Fall 2015 22


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