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Ombre is Not Dead

grey ombre

Of all the hair trends that have come and gone, I never thought ombre would be one to stick around this long. Not only it stuck around pretty good and never lost its charm, it actually got way more fun during the journey. Before, I thought that being a dark brunette was a challenge and I found it very hard to look elegant with a blonde ombre – the shade and shadowing can make you or break you. While that fact still is valid, pastel hair tips and dual color options make ombre possible for every hair type. I’m getting mine in two days (check my instagram to see the result, hopefully if it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster) and I encourage everyone to step in 2015 with a bit of hair fun.

blonde and pink tip ombrepink ombre braid

ombre hair blonde ombre on brunette

grey ombre hairirene kim ombre hair

image sources: wideeyeslegless, rollingsreliable, always judging, anhcotran, swandive, viliyana, hush-e, socialbliss, fashion gone rogue, slufoot, asia and europe, pretty designs, hji, chicityfashion, babble


  1. I love the very last picture the real dark going almost into platinum blonde or watever that color is, its beautiful!

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