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Locking The Knit

Steven Alan FW 2014

As much as it sucks deeply, there’s an upside to winter and the dressing challenges it brings; you always have to come up with new ways of layering and I don’t mean just clothes. Wearing bracelets in winter definitely doesn’t seem ideal: dangling cold metal on your skin hiding underneath your sweater because you can’t roll your sleeves. What I need is something to lock it even more so that it never ever moves and lets in cold air. Enter all those too big bracelets and cuffs I never got to put on before.

bracelet and watch over sweater uncommon mattersDrake Burnette by Benjamin Alexander Huseby & Styled by Hannes Hetta for Le Monde. taupe sweater, boyfriend jeans and red nails The Chic Street Journal

Ann Demeulemeester at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2013 cuff over sweater Street style cuffs

image sources: garance dore, my dubio,, visual optimism, pinterest



  1. I have seen this look around beforebut have never had much confidence in actually wearing my bracelets on my sleeves because I thought it would look stupid on me. This post has inspired me to give it a go. Perhaps it won’t look as bad as I fear. Perhaps it will even look fetching! Thank you 🙂

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