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Québécois Holidays

The Fashion MedleyComing close to my first ever Christmas in Canada, I’m more excited than ever. Every year I go back to Turkey for New Year and I’ve always regretted missing the holiday season. Let’s be honest, it’s always better to stay in this magical land of Noël that is Quebec during December and run away as far as possible in January. To top it off, I just found out about Desjardins’ member exclusive retailer discounts which would not only help you get the perfect Christmas gift but would also benefit you all year long. (Hint: %12 off of all online purchases from Maison Birks!)

In this day and age where credit cards, offers and promotions are all over the place, a bank has to offer something more beneficial than delays and more personal than points. A huge range of discounts like this can only be offered by courtesy of a big, established association and thanks to Desjardins you can take advantage of great deals from discounted gym memberships or magazine subscriptions to discounts on your phone plans and hotel accommodations. I think it’s safe to say that now is a good time to be a Desjardins member.

Not to be missed offers are %12 off at Maison Birks online purchases (see my picks below), 67% off a Clin d’œil magazine subscription, 10% off room accommodation at Fairmont Hotels worldwide and $50 off an annual membership at Energie Cardio gyms.

Some things on Maison Birks may be a bit of a stretch but 1) a girl can dream 2) with the discount, those charm bracelets would make excellent – EXCELLENT – gifts. No reason why that beautiful gift box can’t contain something magical.

Now take out your Desjardins cards (or run to the closest branch to have one) and treat yourself with one or more of the many offerings before it’s too late.

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