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The Fashion Medley

This month’s Smart Set 1 Piece 10 Styles quest was extremely challenging for me; my heart almost stopped when I found out that I have to style a tulle midi skirt for the project. It’s the one thing that you won’t ever be able to find in my closet, or it was till today. Thanks to Smart Set, I discovered that even a boy like me can find a place in her (his) heart for something so girly. It was my Everest and luckily, with a few adjustments, I managed to climb it without getting injured.

. Pink tulle midi skirt (worn as a dress) Smart Set
. Black turtleneck sweater Smart Set
. Quilted faux leather jacket Smart Set
. Rhinestone earrings Smart Set
. Black boots Zara

I’m so glad that it’s (was, when I took the photos) still warm(ish) enough to walk around bare legged since the only thing that makes me wear frilly dresses or tulle skirts (or any other Hello Kitty equivalent of clothing) is the full on flat boots & leather jacket combo and there’s no place for black tights or knee high boots in that equation.

While it is established that women below 5’7” have a hard time looking longer than 5’3” when they wear flats with midi skirts and it was certain that I wasn’t going to give up my boots; I wore my skirt as a dress underneath my turtleneck fitted sweater, turning it into a mini. It’s one of the many amazing aspects of midis & maxis, they work just as well above your breasts as they do below your knees.

The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley The Fashion Medley

Check out the amazing looks of other 9 bloggers who skillfully styled the skirt and see you next month with the new challenge!

1) Ania
2) Gabrielle
3) Gracie
4) Ally
5) Camille
6) Kira
7) Vanessa
9) Katelyn
10) Christina
and guest blogger of the month Eleni



    • eliffilyos says

      Thank you Ania! I absolutely adored the way you styled it though, with those killer legs you don’t need to shorten the skirt at all! 🙂

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