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Bushiest Of Them All

beautiful bushy eyebrows

This bold, bushy eyebrow trend is a blessing and a curse at the same time for us millenial generation; strikingly beautiful yet can turn into a disaster in wrong hands. I know a handful of people going overboard with painting in their brows and even changing the shape to an unnatural rectangle, who will regret their weird photos in the future. As someone who had her share of bizarre eyebrows over the years, I know better than to pluck too much and paint where there naturally isn’t a thread of hair. I don’t have a Brooke Shields or Cara Delevingne pair of brows and it’s no use following tutorials to make yourself look like them; you just have to work with what you have, know how to groom and shape.

First things first: if you don’t have enough eyebrow to work on, I’m sorry but you’ll never have a bushy eyebrow look. Even if you put on the best brow makeup out there, you’ll always look like a drag queen. What you can do is: enhance & feed your brows, stimulate their growth, frame and/or fill in the gaps, trim & brush it and apply colored brow mascara to make the most of what hair you have.

I have fairly bushy eyebrows which could have been even bushier had I not destroyed them during my teens, so my eyebrow makeup routine is pretty simple.

1) I brush them first with this MARCELLE brush of which I use the other crayon part later to frame the upper line of my brows.

2) Depending on how disheveled my brows are I sometimes need this Sephora comb to make sure everything points to the same direction.

3) This Avon glimmerstick has a thin and self-sharpening tip and a soft shade perfect for filling in the place of mistakenly plucked brows. This has to be followed with the MARCELLE brush one more time at the end to smudge the paint; if you want them to stay in shape longer and sturdier it’s better to use a clear brow gel.

4) Not a part of the bold eyebrow makeup routine, but using a light eyeshadow like this MARCELLE cream eyeshadow under the arch of your brows is essential for emphasizing the shape.

One more tip; I don’t know if this works for everybody but it sure does for me, don’t trim your eyebrows unless it’s absolutely necessary (like a crazy long hair going in the wrong direction). I trimmed them for years and was never happy with the results, I haven’t touched them for the last 3 years and I can tell that they look healthier and bushier than ever. Just like any other hair on your body, trimming & plucking your eyebrows will make them stiffer each time like a beard which will prevent you from getting the perfect natural bushy look.

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cindy crawford eyebrows cara delevingne brows

cara eyebrows eyebrows

bushy eyebrows

image sources: viciouslycyd, le fashion, colombe, slufoot, vogue, they all hate us, bloom, pretty exquisite, pinterest

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