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A Wall Circus

leather bags wall decorOne of fall’s biggest interior styling trends is nailing the whatever hell you find on the walls. Bags, baskets, metal trays, ceramic plates, straw plates, guitars, tambourines, vintage scissors, sieves, chopping boards, hats, frames, hangers, wood slabs, boxes, hand mirrors and so on. No more perfect gallery walls with artworks and deer antlers – this fall cirque du mur is making debut.

chopping board wall decor hats as wall decor tambourines as wall decor vintage scissors wall decor wood slabs as wall decor

baskets wall decor creative wall decor guitars as  wall decor shelving wall decor

woven basket wall decor hangers wall decorcolorful woven baskets wall decorsources: 79ideas, domaine home, remodelista, homepolish, bhg, addicted2decorating, a beautiful mess, inspirerend wonen, eatwell 101, decor8, hgtv, domaine home, pinterest

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