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Ab Fab

Fab Abs of NYFW giovanna battagliaWhile everybody’s going nuts over the parade of pregnant ladies at NYFW, I – as someone who has no intention to become one anytime soon – am more interested in fabulous abs and how the fashion crowd dresses (or undresses) them. Don’t need no bikini pics, just check out this post and you’ll have the workout motivation you need for the rest of the year.

Fab Abs of NYFW 8 Fab Abs of NYFW linda tol Fab Abs of NYFW 10 Fab Abs of NYFW 6 Fab Abs of NYFW 4 Fab Abs of NYFW hanneli mustaparta Fab Abs of NYFW 2 Fab Abs of NYFW 3 Fab Abs of NYFW 5 Fab Abs of NYFW  karlie kloss Fab Abs of NYFW 7 Fab Abs of NYFW 12 Fab Abs of NYFW 9 Fab Abs of NYFW 11image sources:, harper’s bazaar, the sartorialist, tres awesome, the cut, a love is blind, tumblr


    • eliffilyos says

      it’s not a matter of being skinny, it’s a matter of being healthy and toned – and we can all be fit with workout and devotion, don’t lose hope! 😛

  1. Mizpah Productions says

    Some of these the girls need to eat a few extra sandwiches. The others look cool and stylish.

    • eliffilyos says

      those ones are probably models who unfortunately have to stay that way but I think as long as you look healthy, being skinny is not a problem (just like being a little chubby is no problem as long as you’re fit)

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