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The Row Spring/Summer 2015

The Row SS 2015 17There are days when it’s really hard to come up with new and interesting content for the blog, especially when you’re updating it daily like me, then there are days like these where you don’t know which context to choose for the post; on one side there’s a haze of amazing street style looks, on the other side of the screen there are wonderfully inspirational new collections. And then there are days where even after you decide on the topic and collection, you still can’t decide about the featured image because every single look of the collection is freakin fabulous. That day, in my dictionary, is called THE ROW.

I don’t know what it’s going to mean for the future of the Olsen brand, but it’s no surprise that Hermès named The Row designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski as new creative director to take on the big assignment. She managed to nail the timeless luxury and impeccant minimalism with innovative new cuts (and knots and wraps if I may) and not only she made The Row the fresh breath of air American fashion needed but also changed people’s (I mean mine) approach to “buy less, buy more qualified” motto drastically. The Row woman is everything I dreamed to be, I need to be, I want to be.

The Row SS 2015 8 The Row SS 2015 13

The Row SS 2015 16 The Row SS 2015 18 The Row SS 2015 20

The Row SS 2015 21 The Row SS 2015 25 The Row SS 2015 29

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