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Tech as Acc

frends headphonesBack to the topic of me not being comfortable with things on my head (a headwrap is the heaviest I can go) I was never able to hop on board with the super stylish headphone trend. Once in 2010 I spent around 60 euros on an overly colorful headphone (First of all, I don’t wear headphones. Second of all, I don’t wear color. Most rational purchase E.V.E.R) which I ended up selling online only two months later. I think I’ll go on with my earbuds but not to drag anyone down with me, I encourage you to wear your tech as an accessory. And an assertive one at that.

[metaslider id=28297]


best headphones street style cara delevingne headphonesheadphones

city headphones fashion headphones

headphones headphones street style (2) natalie joos headphones

street style headphones street style headphone le21eme headphones


image sources: fabsugar, tumblr, whowhatwear,, le fashion, glamour, le21eme, beoplay, stylesaint, style du monde, park & cube, unlinked pinterest images


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