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I Want It All

sandals3-001I haven’t realized this until someone commented on one of my instagram photos and told me that I have the best (thanks, but lies) sandal collection (yeah, apparently there are so many that they can be referred to as a collection) but up until 4 months ago I just had 2 pairs of flat sandals that weren’t completely out of style (of course I had a gladiator pair that should better be hidden in the depths of my wardrobe). Yes, 2. All summer long I would keep on wearing either flip flops or sneakers but this year I had a revelation. Flat sandals were all I bought this summer and I cannot have enough. I literally want it all.

1) ALDO codissago sandals
2) SEE BY CHLOE banded flat sandals
3) ANCIENT GREEK thais pony skin sandal
4) MATIKO bonny sandal
5) BALENCIAGA tassel patent-leather sandals
6) MARNI fringed leather sandals
7) GIVENCHY viktor buckle calfskin leather sandals
8) CHARLOTTE STONE alice haircalf double band sandals
9) NEW LOOK fool pool leather black simple slider flat sandals
10) ASOS flat out lace up flat sandals

[metaslider id=27975]


    • eliffilyos says

      i don’t own one and personally I always prefer more clean and minimal styles (as much as I’d like to have it otherwise, I cannot get rid of my black fever) but MSGM sandals seem perfect for the man repelling feet frenzy! 🙂

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