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Lobe Equilibrium Theory

LV FW2014 single earringI finally realized why earrings are my least favorite jewelry of all – I don’t like the symmetry. I don’t like two identical objects hanging down (or sticking up) around my face, with no character or statement whatsoever. This enlightenment came with my affection towards the season’s biggest jewelry trend: a single earring that would do the job of two and more. I won’t ever need two pairs of an earring from now on.

[metaslider id=27794]


Louis Vuitton FW2014 earringslofficiel-2014-aout (dragged) 2

Céline FW2014 earrings4

emma watson single earring Louis Vuitton FW2014 single earring ELLE France N 3577 - 18 au 24 Juillet 2014 (dragged) 15 oneearringimage sources:, l’officiel, la cool& chic, pinterest


  1. You’re so funny. I’m all for assymetry, too. It’s not everyone who can pull it off well. I’m creating a line now, and earrings are a real hurdle–not because of difficulty to design at all. They’re just not my kind of accessory. Like Sevan, Lord of the Rings, I adore rings. I wear and design tons of bracelets. I also like brooches, on hats, lapels, pockets, belt loops…. Earrings just lose my interest. These are very refreshing. Your post inspired me. Thanks! Check out my “earring-less” site sometime, Maybe now I’ll get on it and make some.

    • eliffilyos says

      I’m definitely a ring person! Then come necklaces but there’s no room for earrings or bracelets in my heart!

  2. Heather-Joan Carls says

    Some of these are quite heavy. They’re lobes will be hanging down to shoulders when they are 70 lolz 😀
    I do like this look. I think it is quite daring. I really like the ones that the girls in the black jacket are wearing. Those are pretty kool 🙂
    Hope you are well 🙂

    • eliffilyos says

      Well that depends on the earring actually, I got the one from Zara and it’s super comfortable!

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