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Baguette is Back

baguette diamond ringI’ve never thought about my engagement ring before I was asked the question, I never had a dream “cut” or stone just like I never thought about the venue or flowers so I still don’t know the difference between a princess cut and an asscher cut (if you’re as clueless as me, here is a little help) and the first thing I thought about when I heard the word “baguette” was a delicious piece of bread. Turns out, it had a little more to offer…

[metaslider id=27639]


Not to be confused with emerald cut, baguette diamonds (or other stones) are really tiny and much more rectangular. They are usually preffered as daily wear rings when a single baguette diamond is in question but they are also used to adorn the emerald cut rings, to give it a tad more splendor.

Personally, I would love to wear a minimal baguette cut ring as an engagement ring; I sometimes find it really hard to pair engagement rings with other jewelry and even though mine is pretty simple and kind of contemporary (and beautiful), I sometimes (especially when working on computer or washing the dishes) wish it was insensible. These tiny baguettes seem to be perfect for the job.

tiny baguette ring engagement ring with baguette diamonds double baguette rings baguette wedding ring baguette rings

image sources: style me pretty, pinterest, instagram


  1. I too am fairly clueless when it comes to stone cuts, but I’ve found myself jonesing for a minimal ring like the one you showed from Bing Bang Jewelry. You’re so right, the baguette is certainly back!

    • eliffilyos says

      I mean if you’re not sure it’s better to get something that you can wear easily for a long time!

    • eliffilyos says

      Yeah, baguette is definitely “classy” above all! Thanks 🙂

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