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Sweet Dreams Are Made of Tiles

awesome floor tiles 16The upside of renting a place is the ability to always back out, get a new home, not deal with responsibilities or paperwork and of course not being tied down with a 30 year mortgage payment. The two downsides of not owning a house is 1) you do not own that house, 2) you can not make big renovations like changing the floor tiles. What’s the point of owning a house if you are not going to have gorgeous tiles?

awesome floor tiles 13 awesome floor tiles 32 awesome floor tiles awesome floor tiles 22

awesome floor tiles 8 awesome floor tiles 10



awesome floor tiles 4

image sources: apartment therapy, housenerd, cafelab, style-files, kika reichert, pinterest


  1. Wow, I am in absolute awe!! Love these amazing pictures and ideas. I will for sure be using them for future work in my place 🙂
    Great post

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