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Tiny Fingers, Rejoice

geo open ringAre you one of those people who have beautiful, tiny fingers with which you are in love until you face the inevitable heartbreak of not finding your size of a dream ring? Well, someone listened to our cry for help and created adjustable rings – someone else took it to the next level and came up with cuff/open rings. Tiny fingers, it’s now or never.

[metaslider id=26708]


Of course not every cuff ring is adjustable, if they are made with metal casting you won’t be able to bend them but still, especially with the rise of mid-rings it’s getting easier and easier to find rings that would fit not just your thumb or index finger but the actual ring finger or maybe even pinkie (gasp!).

I now wish that my engagement ring and wedding band were cuff rings too so that I could wear them like a normal person, without checking up on them every 5 minutes and freaking out over if they fell down or not.

statement open ring open ring Cuff ring stacks cuff ring ring stacks

image sources: totokaelo, another feather, pinterest


  1. Perfect for my tiny digits! Rings are always slightly loose on me, so frustrating! Thanks xxx

    • eliffilyos says

      same here! hopefully these adjustable open rings will help 🙂

  2. Matilde MK says

    I love your blog! Great pictures also!
    Big fashion influence!

  3. Grace says

    Love, love, love. Wish I owned each and every one of them. So delicate.

  4. Some really great designs 🙂 Love rings, I’m in the process of designing jewelry to be sold under my label Fox and Lime. Still have quite a bit to go but so enjoying the process. So far I have 4 prototype rings made – check yesterday’s post on my blog and let me know what you think 🙂 Great idea to go with adjustable rings – something I will def look into doing.
    X Sofie

  5. janet13plus5 says

    I think I need to go find some of those rings now! Thank you so much! xxxxx

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