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Free The Nipple

nipples in harpers bazaarAs someone who covers her breasts with both hands even when home alone, it was time I jump in and say what I think of the whole issue. Why breasts are completely fine but a single nip slip freaks everybody out? Whoever (I’m guessing a guy) came out and said that two things which look exactly the same on a male body and have nothing to do with sex or reproduction should be considered as obscene?

The most shocking thing I’ve ever seen about this nipple issue was Eleonora Carisi walking around in NY with a black mesh dotted blouse sans bra, years before Rumer Willis posed topless for her ‘Free The Nipple’ cause. From that moment on Eleonora Carisi, photographed by Scott Schuman, has been the bravest blogger of all time: she wasn’t a model, it wasn’t an editorial or a runway show but there she was, baring her beautiful breasts. I mean we can wear hotpants so short that our ass cheeks show themselves but not see-through shirts without a bra?

What is this thing about two little bumps that have no function other than breastfeeding and alarming us when it’s cold outside?

Latest stir was about 18 year old Kendall Jenner first showing nipple on Marc Jacobs F/W 2014 runway and then for a photo shoot for Interview magazine. Though I don’t even know if you can call it topless when she’s posing with a self made “hand” bra but apparently fashion websites, sometimes coming up with fraudulent headlines just for a couple more clicks, agreed that this was something that everyone NEEDS (always capitalized) to see not because she’s a beautiful model or it’s an artful editorial but because she’s “topless”.

Whose fault is it that people get aroused (or in some cases get furious) when they see the trace of a nipple behind a tight t-shirt or a triangle bikini? Why do we always have to restrain ourselves from feeling cold or wear an uncomfortable under garment even in summer when men have the freedom to wander without a shirt on?

I’m not a feminist nor do I believe that I could ever even sunbathe topless even if public display of nipples can be acceptable someday, but the world’s sexist reaction against natural nudity is deeply disturbing me. People should learn to see a nipple and move on with their lives.

One last word: banning Grace Coddington’s account because of a topless illustration? Or Jaime King’s account because of a photo she shared hugging her little son, clearly wearing a bikini top when looked carefully (but apparently is a nude, scandalous photo to some people)? Come on Instagram, it’s 2014… You should be able to distinguish pornography by now.

eleonora carisi grace coddington nipple illustration

kendall jenner walking marc jacobs fw2014kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-6 kendall jenner interview magazine

rumer willis linaescofreenipple nipple t-shirt lena dunham instagram free the nippleimage sources: twitter, instagram, the sartorialist, harper’s bazaar, interview magazine,, pinterest


  1. I don’t think this is a trend I’d try myself but I am so up for this cause. Why can men walk around topless but women can’t? These photos all look so classy and sophisticated as well

  2. Applyne says

    I totally agree with you! I can get so mad when men look at a women and say ‘ woow you can almost see her nipple, she’s such a slut’ I mean: WHAAT?! Start acting normal, people. It’s just another part of the body! I actually am so glad that you wrote this article about it, because now I know that I’m not the only one who thinks this way 🙂 Kiss

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I love fashion, but I also love to be nude and this hysteria deeply offends me. American prudishness, trying to teach the whole world outdated moral lesson. It is very very important that people like you speak up.

    • eliffilyos says

      Thank you for your support, I mean it’s not a fight worth fighting when there are so many other really important issues out there but I just wanted to share my opinion. It’s a little thing but if we can somehow pass this barrier (maybe in 20-30 years) then women may not be considered as a sex object anymore and we can talk about equality on a more solid ground.

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