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Ellery Resort 2015

Ellery Resort 2015 16I once made an announcement on twitter saying that I’d give thousands to the person who lets me know the brand of a particular skirt Christine Centenera was wearing. Luckily no one had the answer given I don’t have thousands to give away but again, luckily, I figured it out by myself. It was Ellery. Everything hauntingly beautiful is almost always Ellery.

If there is one thing Kym Ellery is an expert at; it’s the complementary relationship between structural silhouettes and frills, the impeccable balance between voluminous and tight shapes AND of course her signature bell figure, setting the whole collection in motion. These resort looks have already given me so much styling and future purchase inspiration.

Ellery Resort 2015 1

Ellery Resort 2015 3 Ellery Resort 2015 8 Ellery Resort 2015 9 Ellery Resort 2015 10

Ellery Resort 2015 13 Ellery Resort 2015 14 Ellery Resort 2015 15

Ellery Resort 2015 25source:


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