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Wet Look Rule Book

hanne gaby odiele wet look hairIt was so hard to find an appropriate title for this post, with a dirty mind like mine jokes were flying around so I decided to keep it clear and simple. It’s summer time and I can not blow dry anymore let alone straighten my hair, so it’s wet (look) hair all the way.

First unspoken and usually non-applied by runway hair artists rule of wet hair is: DO NOT put gel on your roots and blow dry your ends. It may look good in a fashion photo but in reality you would just look like you haven’t washed your hair in 10 days.

Second rule: achieving the wet look hair is a long and gradual process (I think) and one simple gel may not be enough. You should apply some oil like Redken Argan-6 and then style your hair with a wax or gel specifically crafted for wet look. For a long lasting effect you may also apply shine boosting sprays like Phyto Phytolaque Soie, Redken Shine Brillance Shine Flash 02 or John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier.

I am more than open to any other product or styling ideas, I’m trying to perfect this thing!

leandra medine wet hair

elle ukwet look hair

wet look hair 4

wet look hair3image sources: the man repeller, vogue uk, elle uk, fashionising, pinterest

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  1. When I see this on a celebrity that’s pulled it off well, I always think this looks amazing and super cool! I’m so scared that if I tried it myself though, I would just look like I hadn’t washed my hair for ages haha. Great post 🙂


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