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The Row Resort 2015

The Row Resort 2015 20Who would have guessed that the most trend-free and quality oriented collection of each season will come out from the hands of our all time trendsetter twins? Well, it actually makes some sense when you think about it…

The fact that their collections are trend free doesn’t mean that they are irrelevant; the reason we are wearing dresses over culottes with slingback leather flat moroccan sandals this summer is simply the Row effect. And I’m thinking same craze will go on with a lot of people trying to channel that tricky hemline – with skirts over culottes this time and preferably chiffon layers. However the most important detail of The Row is never the cuts or designs, it’s always the fabrics. Cotton, linen, double-face wool, suede and hand-knit cashmere are all so luxurious and timeless that they are not giving the spotlight to anything else. May they never have to.

The Row Resort 2015 2

The Row Resort 2015 6

The Row Resort 2015 13

The Row Resort 2015 19

The Row Resort 2015 24source:

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