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The Pearl Challenge

coco chanel pearlsI don’t care what she said, we all know that pearls indeed were Marilyn Monroe’s best friends. They were Coco Chanel’s weapon of choice, Jackie Kennedy’s trademark, Princess Di’s power indicator, Grace Kelly’s elegance booster and perfect additions to Elizabeth Taylor’s fortune, not to forget Carrie Bradshaw’s yet another extravagance tool and key point in Holly Golightly’s ageless look.

Most importantly it is the only jewelry in history that never, ever gets out of style. This year we’re going a little bananas over modern styles but the real deal is always the classic look. Unless you have some handovers from your grandmom or been gifted one on your wedding day, you can get your very own timeless pearl piece from websites like Mesenso or Pearl Paradise. If you are still not ready for the good old Hollywood look, here are some perfect daily alternatives.

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marilyn monroe pearlprincess di pearl choker marge simpson pearls



pearl wedding shawl

chanel 2014 pearls elizabeth taylor pearls chanel pearl bag grace kelly pearl pearl detailed bag jackie kennedy onnasis pearlimage sources: pinterest, etsy,, vanessa jackman


  1. I have a faux set from my grandma. I have seed pearls from Silpada and a pretty set from Premier Designs.

  2. I’m working on making a series of twelve paper dresses right now and Holly Golightly’s little, black dress (along with the pearls) is one of them. I still haven’t figure out how she get’s that necklace to stay high-centered on her shoulders though. I’m open for suggestions! But you are right, pearls never go out of style.

    • eliffilyos says

      I have absolutely no idea! maybe they stitched the last row to the back of the dress and they glued the rest of the pearls to that row or something? Or it’s Audrey Hepburn magic…

      • I’m sure I’ll figure out something even if it means using a little piece of two way tape long enough for the photo shoot. I’ll let everyone know in my blog because I’ve been documenting the process in the making of all twelve dresses.

  3. I am so happy to see this post & ladies wearing pearls. They’re the ultimate feminine accessory and never go out of style!

    Check out my shop MILK VELVET PEARLS on Etsy for affordable, REAL freshwater pearls in modern designs that you’ll want to wear everyday. We have classic strands, trendy wrap bracelets & boutique chic originals.

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