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J.W. Anderson Resort 2015

J.W. Anderson Resort 2015 1One of LVMH’s best decisions EVER was to invest in J.W. Anderson – making it possible for impossible design concepts to meet “wearability” – achieving the possimpible. New Martin Margiela in the making.

How he goes from structural wraps to folkloric, unfinished blanket dresses, I’ll never know. How he makes disturbingly asymmetrical cuts so franticly desirable, I’ll never know. How his collections always consist of several different color combinations of the exact same outfit instead of tens of different styles in this day and age and he still manages to be the most coveted designer, I’ll never know.

What I do know is I would read his collections as my bible and adapt if not buy every single aesthetic to my own wardrobe. Suggest you do the same.

J.W. Anderson Resort 2015 10

J.W. Anderson Resort 2015 11 J.W. Anderson Resort 2015 12

J.W. Anderson Resort 2015 14 J.W. Anderson Resort 2015 16

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