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Golden Hour

ashley olsen gold watchThis look of Ashley Olsen was one of my all time favorites, always keeping me inspired. Simple, casual and elegantly teamed up with only one piece of jewelry: a statement gold watch. A beautiful gold watch, aside from being functional by definition, can single handedly revive the whole outfit. Something you would hold dear especially in summer when you can’t bear with sticky jewelry all around you.

[metaslider id=26126]


Just make sure you don’t fall into the “Chandler” trap – there are times and styles where a gold watch can be considered tacky. Let’s say keep the bling to a minimum.

gold watch gold

chandler gold watch

image sources: oh no they didn’t, oh my mcqueen, olsens anonymus, mckennableu, pinterest, instagram


  1. chocobubble98 says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the selection of watches shown above. I’m saving up for a gold watch.
    Which would you recommend??

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