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Nose Ring Revival

daria werbowy nose ringI’m sincerely hoping that there is at least one more 90’s kid out there who put a stingless, adjustable mini ring on her nose when she was a kid and walked around all day like that; insistently placing it back again everytime it falls down. Honestly since then, I’ve never thought about getting my nose pierced again, until NOW. It just still looks so freaking cool!

I think it requires a more “proper” nose than mine but I can’t resist the Daria charm and I can’t help but want to have one. For ornate Hindu styles I’ve found that Etsy is the place to go; however for simpler, authentic gold & silver nose rings the best address is Fresh Trends since they have the biggest variety of colors and styles.

 [metaslider id=26160]

nose hoopnose rings and piercings




kendall jenner nose hoop nose ring 4image sources: popsugar, blacklung, kush&j.crew, lovely piercings, sourceless pinterest images


  1. its mad rad. i want the edge without the pain of piercing. its 2014-surely there must be a way to bypass the actual piercing process.the way i see it, penetrating skin is archaic

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