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Woven Dreams

woven tapestry wallhangings 12I don’t remember being this excited about an interior trend for a long time: handwoven tapestry wallhangings are to-die-for and affordable forms of art that gives your home the authentic feel you can’t get from anything else.

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As per all my other special home dealings, my favorite destination for the aforementioned trend is Etsy. Shops like All Roads and Hazel & Hunter are offering relatively more modern designs whereas Sonadora and HIMOART are offering alternative, original styles with diverse shapes. For more colorful and fluffy patterns my suggestions are Habit Studio and Jujujust.

woven tapestry wallhangings 11woven tapestry textile wallhanging

woven tapestry wallhangings 6 woven tapestry wallhangings 10 woven tapestry wallhangings 17 woven tapestry wallhangings

image sources: pinterest, etsy, design sponge

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