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Maison Martin Margiela Resort 2015

margiela roll2- 18 001You know the Yoshimoto cubes in MOMA, the ones that change shape everytime you hold them a different way? Well, Maison Martin Margiela is my Yoshimoto cube; getting a new meaning with each touch, each person and each fold.

Cropped coats turning into capes, detachable shrug sleeved mohair sweaters, upside down leather vests worn as skirts and you don’t even take a second glimpse – it’s just THAT good. I’m foreseeing a new “fashion engineering” masters program to be taught in fashion colleges: the art of messing up your clothes in a hundred different ways and never looking better.

margiela roll 6 - 6 001 margiela roll 6 - 12 001

margiela27 001 margiela roll 5 - 31 001

margela roll 07 011 001 margela roll 10 001 002 margiela roll 6 - 34 001 margiela roll 9- 28 001 margiela roll 9- 06 001


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