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Joieful Equipments

equipment shirts in montreal showroomDespite being sorely sick with flu, I managed to visit the new EquipmentCurrent & ElliottJoie showroom in Montreal yesterday. Aside from the rainbow shirt rack that made my otherwise grey day, the amazing interior of the showroom loft was the core thing that made the tiresome trip all worth it.

The gallery wall in the entrance completed with industrial lighting and the contrasting royal blue wall with fig plant and eclectic furniture – together with the whole interior of the showroom – is obviously the outcome of a very talented and visionary team. Sure, the b&w dotted calf hair Joie peep toe booties and snakeskin bag was helping to pump up the mood with the help of legendary Equipment shirt rack and a particular Current & Elliott denim quilted kimono coat which was (in overexited superficial girl voice) OMG to die for – but again, the interior is a good enough reason for the long trip and really worth the pain of standing up when all you want to do is lay down.

joie-current&elliot-equipment showroom montreal joie peep toe bootie montreal showroom Joie showroom montreal joie bag montreal showroom current&elliot denim quilted coat joie-current&elliot-equipment showroom montreal

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