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The Stylish Mom Phenomenon

carine roitfeld & julia restoin roitfeld2They are the ones who can work, cook, clean, socialize all the while giving you all the love in the world AND be super stylish. They are unicorns, wonderwomen – all the super power and mystery in the world combined.

Everything I am and have today, I owe it to my mom (dad too but today she has the spotlight, sorry daddy). Literally and figuratively. Her discipline, unconditional love, conscience, patience of a saint and compassion are the reason I am a happy, peaceful individual today. And much like the spiritual side I believe my mom’s sui generis, laid back and elegant style is the reason I’ve always been interested in fashion. Even though she worked at a bank and had nothing to do with the industry or owned any designer pieces and such, you can always see how well put together her style is. There isn’t one photo (even from the 80’s) that you can point at and say “you didn’t look good in that mom”. I can’t say I’m as lucky or as graceful as her, but every bit of style sense I have today is thanks to her.

I love you mom, you are the greatest one ever.

emmanuelle alt and daughter kate moss and daughter2 nicole richie and daughter

victoria beckham and daughter sarah jessica parker an daughters

image source: e online, face hunter, pinterest


  1. Such a sweet post! I’m so glad mamas feel free to embrace their inner fashion goddesses – that confidence in them creates an amazing legacy.

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