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Christian Dior Resort 2015

Dior Resort 201545No surprise Raf Simons chose to showcase the Dior Resort collection in Brooklyn; undisputable french chicness meeting American women’s practicality – still clean, just a bit more floaty.

I’ve seen a lot of collections that took scarf prints as the leitmotif but never have I seen one (except Céline, have to hand it to Phoebe) that looks this artistic and balanced. It’s hard to focus an entire collection on scarves and not fall into the trap of beachwear look but Simons unsurprisingly managed to tone down the romantic vibe with unfinished collars, ultra-high-waisted silhouettes and peep-toe booties and made his way to a collection every woman would covet.

Dior Resort 20154

Dior Resort 201511

Dior Resort 201532

Dior Resort 201519

image source: vogue paris


  1. I love the floatiness (that’s not a word, but it’s going to be now) of these dresses. A looser silhouette exudes grace and honestly makes me feel a whole lot better about my body (girl with a chocolate addiction gets self conscious every now & then). Something free flowing has a whimsical, effortless feel…makes me channel my inner summer breeze. I also think the pieces with more of a knit look are fab. Crotchet doesn’t have to be reserved for grandma, it can be trendy. Thanks for the recap!

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