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Cable Knit Comfort

tfmcableknit3.jpgIvory cable knit dress sweater Mango (similar here) // brown knee high suede boots Zara (similar here) // sunglasses Spitfire // gold choker necklace Vintage (similar here)

I’ve waited god knows how long to be able to wear this sweater dress which is a comfort nirvana without any overcoat (batwing sleeves+coat=hazard).

I still remember the day I bought this sweater: I was working as a manager at a store which is – as you can guess – hot as hell all day long plus we were supposed to only wear the clothes of the brand which means there wasn’t a single chance on earth that I could wear it any time soon. Thanks to my irrational nature, I bought it anyway. A super cosy cable knit sweater dress that is loose enough to hide all my flaws but also has a strategic flattering shape that wouldn’t make me look like a baloon? Much like the other love of my life, the attraction between us was instant and once in a lifetime. Look how happy I am now.

YOLOSBI people (you only live once so buy it people) YOLOSBI.

tfmcableknit2.jpgtfmcableknit9.jpg tfmcableknit4.jpg

tfmcableknit.jpgtfmcableknit10.jpgtfmcableknit6.jpg tfmcableknit5.jpg


  1. Heather-Joan Carls says

    It’s a beautiful sweater! Love it! You totally rock it! I have a homemade knitted shawl just like it except without the sleeves. I rock it all Fall and in the beginning of Winter. And these are perfect for our weather took

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