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THE Sweater

rag&bone talia v neck sweater ss2014If we were to choose just one item as THE item of the season, it’s this Rag & Bone deep V neck sweater and believe it or not it IS affordable! If nothing else, we still have this Nasty Gal alternative (which may be subject to some adventures in copyright).

[metaslider id=25167]


One of the perks of having small boobs is you get to enjoy any kind of V neck sweater without having to worry about flashing anyone. I know some women like to flaunt what they have (or sometimes even what they don’t have with some artificial support) but I don’t think I could ever be comfortable with big boobs. Actually having smaller boobs was the thing I was happiest about when I lost weight couple of years ago – something I’m sure my husband is secretly not so thrilled about – but I love the freedom. And I know for a fact that I can wear this sweater all day long and no one would even glance at my cleavage. FREEDOM!

taylor tomasi hill in rag&bone talia v neck sweater

rag&bone talia v neck sweater editorial

image sources: harper’s bazaar, collage vintage, atlantic pasific, pinterest


  1. Heather-Joan Carls says

    I love the deep V neck sweater that is pictured first. The color scheme is what has drawn me to it. As it is shown, it is shown in the other pictures, it is so versatile. As for wearing it with athletic shorts, well, idk, I am not that brave lolz 😀 I will leave that for the model ;P

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