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What Do You Call?

tfmjodhpur6.jpgBlack jacket Reiss (similar here) // navy sarong shorts Zara (similar here & here) // boots Choies (similar here & here) // gold choker Vintage (similar here)

These shorts? What should I call them? Sarong, jodhpur or just culottes? I need a distinctive definition since I’m gonna be wearing them and only them this summer.

And day after day I’m turning more and more into a boy. Couple of days ago my hubby and I marched into a Little Burgundy (a multibrand shoe store of ALDO, if you’re not familiar) and all I wanted to buy were men’s brogues and sneakers. At one point I wished I was a big girl with giant feet so I could shop men’s shoes whenever I want. Same goes with Urban Outfitters. And guys always complain that they don’t have as much choice as women. If you ask me, the problem with womenswear is that there are too many choices and I realize this everytime I’m looking for a simple cotton t-shirt or a basic striped shirt. While racks at the women side are filled with millions of ridiculously printed or shaped cheap polyester stuff, men has the luxury to wear wool scarves, %100 cotton shirts and awesome shoes that would last for years.



tfmjodhpur8.jpg tfmjodhpur9.jpg


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