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Traveller’s Rest

Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-26-1-KindesignAfter travelling all around the world for years to collect pieces to sell for her online interiors store; artist Alina Preciado made herself the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen in my life. EVER.

15 years ago this amazing woman took the top floor of a former textiles factory in Brooklyn and turned it into an eclectic haven all the while honouring its industrial nature. The 2,000 square foot loft with one bedroom and one bathroom mixes old and new pieces together, with findings that Preciado has picked up from her travels to places like Japan, Spain, India and the Middle East. Oh what I wouldn’t give to live in this house…

Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-11-1-KindesignDar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-28-1-Kindesign1 Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-25-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-23-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-27-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-22-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-20-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-09-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-21-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-04-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-14-1-Kindesign Dar-Gitane-Alina-Preciado-16-1-Kindesign

image sources: the people of sand


    • eliffilyos says

      Thank you so much and yours look great! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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