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Blinding Parts, Quilted Tops

tfmquilt.jpgGreen quilted bomber jacket Front Row Shop // white leather t-shirt Topshop (similar here) // black culottes Topshop (similar here, here & here or here) // black ankle boots Topshop (similar here & here)

I bet Montreal is pretty upset that it decided to grace a ray of sunlight and a glimpse of spring after I flashed the city with my blindingly pale winter legs.

Seriously, look at the snow, then look at my shirt and then my legs. I mean they don’t look like that from where I stand! And just like the need for sunglasses when you’re skiing, I suggest the same proper equipment when you’re around my block because these legs ain’t going nowhere (aaaand there’s a blizzard again, ok then.)





  1. Une petite Bruxelloise says

    A very decent effort for a spring outfit, I must admit!!! Love the jacket 🙂

    • eliffilyos says

      thanks!! seems like i’ll be living in culottes this summer 🙂

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