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An Industrial View

industrial windows 16When you live in a house with just one single flaw which is not getting enough light, you love it anyway but you can never keep yourself from checking other windows and covet getting an amazing deal of daylight through clay irons.

Window fantasizing does not count as cheating and since we can daydream about actors or models with no problem, industrial windows are the Tom Hiddleston of the window world so I’m having my dose of interior porn for sunday if you don’t mind. And in all likelihood you won’t be able to find a house – ehm, loft – with industrial windows so another option is to buy huge industrial mirrors and hang it right across the windows to reflect the light, creating depth and enlarging the room.

industrial windows 8

industrial windows 17 industrial windows 14 industrial windows 2

industrial windows 10industrial windows 4

industrial windows 7industrial windows 12

industrial windows 22industrial windows 11 industrial windows 6

image sources: pinterest, simply grove, kinfolk


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