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Rabbit Hole

tfmrabbit8.jpgRabbit fur coat Vintage (similar here & here) // ivory embroidered blouse Zara (similar here & here) // black wide leg trousers FrontRow Shop  (similar here & here) // sunglasses Spitfire (similar here)

It’s officially not going anywhere. It’s not even tailing off, it’s winter on top of winter. Snow on top of frost. Cracked hands on top of numb eyes.

And there’s a reason why habits are habits, you just understand it when it’s time. When you freeze your ass off no matter what but finally find the sweet holy warmth inside a rabbit fur covered hole, you figure out why arctic people have always worn fur and felt. Still I don’t think I’ll ever buy new fur, especially when there are thousands of vintage fur coats out there.

tfmrabbit2.jpg tfmrabbit4.jpg


tfmrabbit7.jpg tfmrabbit5.jpg


  1. Jorgie says

    How to stay fashion even in the winter; in love with all outfits !

    • eliffilyos says

      haha thank you, i’m trying though montreal is really pushing my buttons! :p

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