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Pipe the Copper Up

copper piping kitchenCopper probably has always been my favorite metal, hand in hand with brass. It’s industrial but not too rusty, stirring but not too shiny, rich in hue but graceful enough and most of all goes with everything and everywhere.

Black, white, grey or any other texture and color; with tiles, wood or exposed walls and can be used as a bookshelf, pot rack, shower head, faucet, lamp, table legs, headboard, clothing rack or well, as drain pipes or simply as a gallery quality wall art. Copper, pipe up (word play)!

copper piping decor

copper piping10



copper piping11

copper piping in kitchen

image source: pinterest (i really hate doing this but it’s really hard to track the sources nowadays, if I’m using anyone’s photos please let me know and i’ll give full credit)

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