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Sixty Lashes of Drama

pradaPrada F/W 2014

I once read somewhere that according to Bobbi Brown, the legendary makeup artist, we shouldn’t use mascara on our lower lashes because it makes our face look something (I don’t exactly remember what), anyway, so I have been abiding by the BB rules for quite some time and avoiding the dramatic look of 60’s.

Then I started being lazier than ever about make up and instead of a cateye everytime I go out, I started piling up on mascara and blusher. Sure I look a tad more dramatic than I intend to, like I cried a couple of minutes ago BUT it’s easy to apply, looks like I don’t even care about my makeup and I look like a doll. Or at least I think I do, according to the silver shiny thing on the wall that has a %90 success rate of letting me down and putting me to shame. Whatever!

Twiggy in the 60’s – Kate Moss at Maison Martin Margiela 1992

gucci2Gucci F/W 2014

Prada F/W 2014

ginnifer goodwinGinnifer Goodwin

Rochas F/W 2014

image sources: vogue uk, harper’s bazaar, pinterest

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