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On Air

tfmnikeair.jpgCamel teddy coat Front Row Shop (similar here & here) // black blazer Urban Outfitters (similar here) // striped top Forever21 (similar here) // jeans Zara // white sneakers Nike Air (similar here, here & here) // sunglasses Spitfire

Cold air. Freezing winter air. Even when I’m wearing my Nike Airs, I’m basically still on ice, rather than on air.

But I had to find an alternative to the endless parade of combat boots and since these sneakers are the only thing that wouldn’t get me into another very real ice skating incident, I had no choice but to wear them, and wear them with lame socks. Still, anything that reminds me of spring – pastel colors, sneakers, sun, a green leaf or some weak memories of summer in my rotten mind make me happy. Desperation is on full bloom at station Montreal.



tfmnikeair2.jpg tfmnikeair8.jpg tfmnikeair4.jpg


  1. sunnivalouise says

    I love your spitfire sunglasses, they´re perfect for your outfit!

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