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Man Up

tfmmadmen5.jpgCamel long coat Stylenanda (similar here) // black turtleneck sweater Zara // grey pinstripe blazer Zara (similar here) // grey wide leg trousers FrontRow Shop (similar here & here) // sunglasses Spitfire (similar here)

Both figuratively and literally. It’s hard to continue with the blog just as it’s hard to continue with your daily life and all the minor problems and joys while your country is going through one of the biggest revivals in its history.

It’s even harder to do it when the thermometer gets stuck around -20, messing up with your biological clock and everything. My poor body is programmed to switch to spring around March for 25 years but little does she know, we are nowhere near it. I’m sneezing like crazy though there is no sight of pollen or even flowers to begin with. I’m constantly and dauntedly wearing menswear layers till spring comes.


tfmmadmen.jpg tfmmadmen3.jpg


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