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The Little Prince

berkin elvan the little princeSecond time I’m using the blog to talk about something other than fashion, and please accept my apologies in advance for not updating the blog daily as usual, I don’t think I’ll have the mental strength to focus on it for quite some time. Thanks for everyone who is going to read this post and commisarete with us.

When the Gezi protests started back in June in Turkey, the whole world just stopped turning for some time and the blog (just like everybody else’s daily jobs and worries) seemed like the most superficial, insignificant thing ever. 8 people, all of whom were under 30 were killed during the protests but then, in life’s inevitable course, things turned back to normal. However there was one thing that couldn’t go back to normal, life of a little 14 year old boy named Berkin Elvan who got shot at the head by a gas cannister thrown by the police while he was trying to go get some bread for his family. He was in coma for 269 days, then after dropping down to 16kg, he died two days ago. Leaving us all heartbroken, desperate, angry and most of all, outraged.

berkin-elvan-meleklerNot only this little innocent kid got killed by the Turkish police by, in his own words, the Turkish prime minister’s direct orders; no government official made any declarations or apologies regarding his health when he was fighting for his life nor any condolences after his death. The PM, who cried live on tv for a girl that got killed in Egypt – simply because he was supporting Mursi for apparent political benefits – hasn’t said a single word about the boy, or the clashes that emerged right after his death. He commented on the effects of his death on economy though, saying that they managed to put the stock market together. For someone who has religion as his most powerful weapon, I guess it makes sense that he worships money and power more than anything, right?

berkin-elvan-pencereAnother thing to mention is the tapes of phone calls between the PM and his son, other government officials and media bosses about how they controlled the media, got people fired, interfered in jurisdiction, had people arrested and most importantly about the preposterous amounts of embezzlement they made as they were trying to hide and sweep away everything once the corruption investigations started. I know what you think, how are these people still free let alone still your government?

Well, that’s Turkey. And that’s what we are fighting for. We don’t want THAT to be Turkey anymore. We don’t want anyone else dying, we don’t want any other freedoms taken away from us. We don’t want liars, larceners, slanderers, provocateurs and killers ruling us. It’s been two days since the protests started again (yesterday the police attacked thousands of people who attended the boy’s funeral, whom are also accused of being necrophilies by a congressman who is not just vulgar but apparently more stupid than we thought) and already two people were killed.

You can’t all come to Turkey and fight on the streets with us but each person knowing and sharing our battle means another bloom of hope on our little prince’s small grave. Thank you.


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