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Everybody Wears Prada

prada sandals ece sükanNot one, not two, not three but I’ve seen THE Prada (f/w 2013) sandals on about 50 different people in 100 different photos last month. So obviously not just the devil prefers it, everybody does.

Neither the coldest days of NY nor hundreds of other s/s 2014 shoes could topple them from their throne of being the official shoes of fashion month. If you don’t own them already I don’t think there’s an easy way to find one but if you insist on being a part of the clan we can still fake it, I think.

[metaslider id=23886]

leandra medine prada sandals


image sources: harper’s bazaar,, stockholm street style, a love is blind, w magazine, the cut


  1. My favorite way someone wore them was the second picture. It was so modern and stylish, and just so fun! Love the blog!
    -XO Style Stalker

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